Upcoming Trainings

The Institute organises vocational training courses: lifelong training and university certificates with its partners. They evolve according to the requests from actors. IAD also collaborates in the setting up of specialized masters or their outsourcing with its university partners.
List of some lifelong training courses available

From the uncontrolled dumping to the waste storage centre

Urban waste and urban agriculture: an opportunity for communities

Economics of environment and natural resources

Green economy and development

Environmental and social impact study

Waste management of health facilities

Managing urban solid waste in municipalities

Urban waste management: Costs, financing, management

Management of landfill sites

Managing of heavy goods vehicles fleets

Sustainable management of stormwater in urban areas

Environmental innovation

Municipalities and non-household waste

Quality management and performance management

Financing mechanisms for green economy projects

Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

Economic regulation and investment in the electricity sector

Environmental health

Field environmental review


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